The Copper Newt
Image of Dark Winter #2

Dark Winter #2


Silver Sheen Obsidian with muskrat rib bones

This pendant measures 1.65 inches at the widest and is 1 inch long.
The chain is copper with soldered links. It measures 18 inches.

In addition to driving away negative energies, silver sheen obsidian clears out the clutter in your life that prevents you from achieving your goals. This works for someone who's about to take on a new role at work, build a business, or get into a new relationship.
Silver sheen obsidian will help you fix your focus on what matters. It will grant you the wisdom and patience to pursue your objectives.
This stone is connected to the throat and third eye chakras. It unblocks your throat chakra so you can speak the truth boldly, clearly, and in a persuasive manner. By activating your third eye chakra, the stone will increase your intuition.

The bones in this piece were processed and cleaned by me with help from the magic of nature. All of the bones I use come from animals that were found deceased. I feel that with respect and admiration I am honoring their spirit and giving them new, unexpected, life.

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