The Copper Newt
Image of Dendritic Agate with real Twig

Dendritic Agate with real Twig


Semi-opaque Dendritic Agate with a real twig.
The twig was collected on one of my many forest walks, dried and sealed, then along with the Agate, it was coated in a think layer of copper.

Pendant measures approximately 2 inches x 2 inches
Twig is 2.75 inches long.
Copper chain measures 24 inches

Dendritic Agate~ Also known as Merlinite, Dendritic Agate contains powers that activate a person’s third eye chakra, strengthening their intuition to achieve more clarity in their perception of the world around them. If you’ve been feeling particularly low or out of tune with your inner self, using Dendritic Agate can help to balance your energies and clear up any concerns that cross your mind. The energies of Dendritic Agate are also highly beneficial for self-evaluations, in the sense that they help reorganize and regroup a person’s thoughts and emotions.

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